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So i'm a traditional minded Catholic girl, who totally loves life; that means i'm a radically pro-life catholic young fogey! I believe that my vocation married life and I'm working towards being a holy spouse and mother, and loving the gift of singleness.. well most times.  my mother is waiting too... you won't believe the things she asks me now just to find out if I have a boyfriend...I'm not a trad in the true sense of the word, not much exposure to it, but I do love the trad setting and Latin hymns! My friend and I say we are pre-Vatican II girls LOL. I'm quite conservative and love the church!

I come from a humongous family and have family all over the world. I like to call it an ecumenical family, because we have a whole bunch of denominations in it, my sister is Zaoja, my mom Methodist, aunts who are Anglican, Seventh day adventist, my grandma is Dutch reformed, My dad African traditional... and the list goes on... what can I say, it's an interesting education.

I'm currently living in South Africa with my focus being on TOB, classes, work, family, church, friends, Girl Guides...
Yeah i'm too busy.

This blog is a bunch of my ramblings but of late its been having a TOB leaning, where I am in my life I guess; the Lord has led me to this ministry and its an adventure :)

To contact me leave a comment or two or email tsitsi (.) gracia (at) gamil (.) com

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