24 April 2011

Easter Triduum- The Vigil

I spent the whole day at church. from dawn to way past dusk. Choir practice from 8:30 till 12. Dance practice after that…. yes there was liturgical dance and my trad soul still cringes that I took part. And then of course the vigil after a bit of warming up voices and muscles, and excitement all around. we started with the liturgy of the word then after the readings we danced to Our god is an awesome God. Then during the liturgy of the Light I sang the Exultet with Emille. It was beautiful. This is the version we sung…

An then the catechumens got baptised. Oh what a glorious sight. Fr. J had a plunge pool so he baptised them alright buckets of freezing water and all. And then we helped them all process in and they got confirmed… with the slaps of course Smile It was wondrous. It was festive. For



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