23 April 2011

Easter Triduum -Good Friday

The Good Friday services were inspired. Truly! Liberal that he is Fr. J had the stations of the cross up on the screen – scenes and clips from the passion nochal… and here I thought this Easter I had not had a chance to watch the Passion. It was all the important bits… the way of the cross… the via dolorosa. And I surprisingly missed the kneeling. I find it therapeutic and it reminds me that He suffered great pain for me. I was all alone though, was the only one to wake up and nya was at work.
Then there was the 3 o’clock service… All our tiny crosses that he had given us for lent had been used to make up the big cross. and in dramatic Fr. J fashion he nailed a couple more on there during the service… he emphasized how we are to lay our crosses with Jesus, how we are to carry the for the Christian life is one of suffering before the dawn, of allowing Jesu to help us carry our crosses. We are born of the cross. We die with Christ so we can rise up with him…
Now we wait not in despair but in hope for we know he rose again…

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