8 January 2010

playing catch up….

clip_image002Soooo I have been absent for such a long time and so here I am blogging.. when I am actually supposed to be studying.. did I mention that I have exams in 3 weeks such as Prolog programming which I have not even touched! 6 exams and I have read at most 2 chapters... Any-hoo... A lot has been happening since early December....

Mom came over YAY! she had to get a hysterectomy! NAY! She had fibroids the size of cricket balls which were distorting her abdomen and giving her immense pain and.. it was scary. So I was designated chauffeur... boy am I so glad I have Alto now.. (Alto is my car). Actually clocked 3500km in one month! ouch! The operation went well and made me realise I could get them too as they may be hereditary... please Lord not before my dozen babies or so :D She sailed through and is actually back at home and doing well.. so much energy now, praise the Lord, Jehovah Rapha the Lord our healer. clip_image006

And Del-del was here! With blonde hair… and she’s a clip_image004prefect to boot… She loved lighting all out advent candles! Mom helped us with all our cakes, the icing and all and they came out well if I should say so myself... which I do.



Doug came with his wife Eve! So I finally met my brother’s wife! She is sweet, hopefully can light a fire under that man LOL. Then they all left and Kudzi came. Christmas was laid back, sang for schola, had lunch and vegetated for New years! clip_image020Chiedza was here and we puzzled forever! It’s a 3000 piecer and no end in sight… it’s called ‘Breath of life’ and is a depiction of the Garden of Eden with Adam alone in the center contemplating….
clip_image018Alto got a booboo forgot I was driving manual again... but it's getting better... Thanks St Christopher! And it made me realize I drive too fast…
And I seem to have gotten my cook vibe back :D Did wraps and mixed meat filling the other day; then baked potatoes, rosemary chicken, cheese sauce with sour cream and mixed veggies :Dclip_image021

Cooking is so grand... when I'm not too lazy and definitely healthier for my waistline :D

And so that’s the quick catch up :D

yes and Windows live write works… making putting in pics so much easier LOL

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