5 June 2009

trepidatious excitemnet

so i'm choosing books this week for book club! Yippee yippee ya ya!

Thing is, as excited as i am, i am a bit concerned as to what books to get... they will after all be mine in the end so it should be something i like, and should be something the book club has yet to read which already narrows down the field considerably and it has to be something that at least half of the book club would want to read methinks..... and my weekends are so busy, finding a quaint bookstore is nearly impossible without wheels, so i shall hunt online... now if only i had a credit card....

so some i may hunt for are:
It's Not about Me by Max Lucado


  1. Good luck with your search... yell if you need help.

  2. will do that! thanks Cath!


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