13 May 2009

prayers of praise

So I'm on a hunt for prayers of praise... and i mean praise alone no asking in between or at the end, just prayers that focus on God's awesomeness... and am yet to find any.
why now do i suddenly need praise prayers??... God had been especially good to me and hey give praise were praise is due! I finally have my permit... who would have thunk! just goes to show ha... it will happen when it happens and not a moment sooner... living in Africa one would think i'd have that down pat, but no i'm still pretty impatient most of the times... wanting things to happen now. So we have moved out nyashmi and I, fa is here we have our own little house going on, the Lord has blessed us that we pray together and if all goes well i'll soon have my own wheels such that we'll be eating together always too.. wundarbar!

doogie has gotten married which is an utter blessing and she is catholic to boot!...the lobola was steep yoh!!! to my mothers utter despair, her eldest is not yet married :D soz mom u may hav a long wait for that one

so i have a thousand and one things to be thankful for and to praise and worship Him for,
hence the hunt for praise prayers... till i find one or make my own, the psalms and songs will have to do :D

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