18 May 2009

simple woman 18 May

new entry in my simple woman day book.... :D visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?... check it out...

FOR TODAY 18 May 2009...

Outside my window... crisp clear winter sky.... with temperatures to match!!

I am thinking... assignments and cars... i need to have both!

I am thankful for... family as usual... and socks... else my feet would be frozen by now

From the kitchen... i want to make pita's today :D

I am wearing... black stripped pants, HEELS?!?!?, black polo-neck top and mottled black and white round neck jersey

I am creating... a recital for Pentecost. I want as dramatic as can be, with everyone wondering afterwards... What the!!! did we see what we just saw? what did she mean? WOW!

I am going... home early these days... such bliss :D

I am reading... The Lucky one by Nicholas Sparks... another fav author

I am hoping... that i find a car! i need wheels! no longer hoping for the permit coz... wait for it... waaait for it... I GOTS IT!!!!!!

I am hearing... Josh... i know i am a creature of habit

Around the house... it
clean... Nyasha is always mopping and we are a bunch of tidy gals!

One of my favourite things... Eucorub... gonna be needing it a lot this winter 't seems

A few plans for the rest of the week... do my a
ssignments i am so behind! and find a car... if the bank will finance me...

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

if i cant a have a mini then a yaris will have to do....

14 May 2009

mortal or venial?

so i'm part of this Facebook group called "We are not Crazy, We're just Catholic" and there is this thread that discusses purgatory in a way that is so clear it's full of 'aha' moments. But most profound was a post by Andy Simms which i just had to quote... the thread had somehow lead to explaining the meaning of mortal and venial sin...

from andy " As I understand them, Mortal sins are any sins that take glory or power from God and transfer them to those to whom it does not belong. For instance, murder is a mortal sin. The authority to determine the life cycle of a human being belongs to God alone, but when we end the life of another with intent to do so we are taking that authority upon ourselves. To worship another god is a mortal sin. It is transferring glory and honour due to God alone to another. Contraception is a mortal sin. It places the choice of when life is created on the person rather than on God. Mortal sins are sins against God Himself.

Venial sins, however, are not as damaging to the soul as mortal sins, but an abundance of venial sins could amount to a mortal sin. In this case, willful and repeated refusal to follow the commandments of God, even though these are minor in nature, adds up to a denial of the supremacy of God. Back to venial sins, though. Venial sins are those that violate the spirit of the laws of God but do not replace the authority, glory or power of God. For instance, lying about how much money is in my wallet when my wife asks me is a venial sin. Intent is very key in determining severity of sin. If I tell a lie with the intent of keeping money to myself, it is a venial sin. If I tell a lie that ultimately leads to the expected result of death to another, for instance false testimony in a capital murder trial or telling a drug dealer that someone else stole the drugs, that would likely be a mortal sin.

It all sounds very legal, but the best answer I can give you is that mortal sins are direct affronts to God and venial sins are affronts to fellow men or indirect affronts to God.

Mortal sin speaks to death to the soul, not death to the body."

That just jumped out to me, mortal sin speaks death to the soul... if i don't hear that then i'm doomed. makes me want to go to confession like now! not that i have any mortal sins that need confessing but the more often i go to confession the more grace i have to not commit the same sins over and over again... i am so going to try and memorise most of andy's post to make sure more people know and that i never forget... a mantra of sorts... 'do not commit mortal sins, for mortal sin speaks death to the soul....' hell is real y'all!

13 May 2009

prayers of praise

So I'm on a hunt for prayers of praise... and i mean praise alone no asking in between or at the end, just prayers that focus on God's awesomeness... and am yet to find any.
why now do i suddenly need praise prayers??... God had been especially good to me and hey give praise were praise is due! I finally have my permit... who would have thunk! just goes to show ha... it will happen when it happens and not a moment sooner... living in Africa one would think i'd have that down pat, but no i'm still pretty impatient most of the times... wanting things to happen now. So we have moved out nyashmi and I, fa is here we have our own little house going on, the Lord has blessed us that we pray together and if all goes well i'll soon have my own wheels such that we'll be eating together always too.. wundarbar!

doogie has gotten married which is an utter blessing and she is catholic to boot!...the lobola was steep yoh!!! to my mothers utter despair, her eldest is not yet married :D soz mom u may hav a long wait for that one

so i have a thousand and one things to be thankful for and to praise and worship Him for,
hence the hunt for praise prayers... till i find one or make my own, the psalms and songs will have to do :D

doogie is getting married!!!!!!

so lil bro doogie is getting married! i know shock horror right! ha ha, no i'm happy for him coz he seems to have found a good catholic girl :D what more can we want?!?! it's not the wedding or anything like that, it's the traditional customary wedding, where the roora (lobola or bride price) is paid

and i'm missing it being down here with no permit hope to see her and get to know her proper like soon, till then there is Facebook!

it makes me realise that i'm happy i'm not gallivanting around the dating circles and a
ffirms for me that marriage is a sacred constitution of which i hope to be a part of one day, but i'm not letting anyone get me worried on the when and to whom, coz the Lord's timing is perfect! and hey whoever i get married to has to have enough money to pay for over 20 cows for lobola... so i'm giving him time to find the mula!

12 May 2009

simple woman 11 May

new entry in my simple woman day book.... :D visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?... check it out...

FOR TODAY 11 May 2009...

Outside my window... nothing much going on

I am thinking... of life in general... my heart ist anders

I am thankful for... gym and the body i have :D kinda he he!

From the kitchen... our meal plan... mostly... it's act
ually working and baked sean a thank you cake yesterday

I am wearing... black pants, flat shoes, black top and striped pink and black poncho

I am creating... melodies in my heart

I am going... physically nowhere much, spiritua
lly i am traversing mountains! still!

I am reading... A time to embrace by Karen Kingsbury

I am hoping... that i find a car! i need wheels!and that my permit comes already and to wish doug Happy birthday...

I am hearing... my music after a long week without!

Around the house... pretty actually have managed to pack up stuff and laundry is folded away

One of my favourite things... cousins :D

A few plans for the rest of the week... do my a
ssignments i am so behind!

Here is picture thought I am sharing... Hap
py birthday doogie

still on Easter so the photo stays, what can i say... this Easter season has been profound! Ascension is comeing soon
HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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