20 April 2009

on modesty

so i seem to be getting these... cosmic hints for lack of a better word, to look more into what being modest means and for me to dress and act more modestly... ooo this to a person who so does love the stage... dressing modeslty wont be too difficult what with me having gained weight i coaver it all already!

on another front i do feel "called" to wear a head covering at church now.. so guess who is going bandana/ mantilla hunting soon... i hope i actually find something i like... Lord only knows where... before next Sunday :D

Question now would be on my trousers... what can i say they are practical... the one thing i have avoided though is wearing them to church so again not a problem there... when married i'd probably not wear them much if at all, i have no problem with not wearing trousers, thing is they are so convenient at times they seem like the only option... hey but that's more for me to discern so i know were my line should be, draw it, then not step over it :D

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