2 February 2009

simple woman feb 02

new entry in my simple woman day book :D visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?... check it out...

FOR TODAY 02 Feb 2009...

Outside my window... mostly overcast sky.... but the sun is peeping through.. a definite improvement from the torrents of last week :D

I am thinking... mmm what to do now... the thing with curve balls is that they come pretty fast so one either acts real quick too... or deals with the aftermath real slow like...

I am thankful for... love, work, church

From the kitchen... nothing yet... just realised that lent is fast approaching and i have to get myself acclimatised to the fasts soon, else they'll just seem worse when the time comes

I am wearing... all black... to suit my mood... which ain't black... i just love the colour :D

I am creating... my PC... have to build my workstation anew because i have been infested with a virus...

I am going... home maybe in two weeks time...

I am reading... Revealed by Tamera Alexander, just done with the prologue... have to study too.. one more exam to go

I am hoping...still the same as last ... aaahh way back when... -- that i manage to finish studying and am prepared for my last exam, that i have good quiet times and that i listen to God will for me better this coming year and am still hoping ...that my permit comes out - no change there from last week... or the week before that.... or the week before that..... or the week before that.... or the week before that.... or the week before that - ad infinitum

I am hearing... air con- forgot my earphones at home and these open plan offices dont lend much to hearing each others music

Around the house... nix

One of my favourite things... children... had fun Sunday; twas the first day of catechism lessons

A few plans for the rest of the week... plan for the rest of the terms catechism lessons, decide what to do about my passport and permit, work

Here is picture thought I am sharing... been thinking of the German family i au-paired for in 2006 quite bit and wondering why i have not gotten any replies to my emails... oh well

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