12 February 2009

and so it goes...

finished my last exam yesterday and i feel i passed it, with God's help throughout.... i was remembering stuff at an amazing rate... which can only be good. And i will be going home on Sunday to sort out my papers and such... the joys of life. so i am now teaching catechism to the post communion year 1 class, and its a girls affair so we doing girly things and having fun. I'm hunting for ideas on Lenten diaries and the like. i remember when i was in grade 5 mrs. o had us create Lenten diaries as a class project... on some days i remembered but pothers i didn't and when it came for her to check if we wrote something then i'd scribble and draw stuff hurriedly to fill in the required pages... good times :D

this year i want to do the same with my girls and with myself a measure oif sorts to see how i reflect in Lent, is it any different than any other season in the year apart from the fasting and all? do i really get it? and so am trawling the web to find ideas of how best to do this

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