30 January 2009

life... and it's troughs

i could honestly cry if i think about all the things going wrong right now... i find out there is something major wrong with my permit and i may have to go to Zim to get it fixed... all that amidst my first exams in a very long time and it shows coz today's exam was the pits... if i pass it will truly be by God's grace... but even He says you reap what you sow... lets just say i had not sowed enough... and i am beyond broke... let's try in debt and after working for four months with nothing to show for it... goes back to my permit issue... what to do what to do.... what ma i missing Lord, what is it you want me to see coz i have no idea what it is... and i have been coming across to many nun videos for my liking...

went to benediction. mass and rosary today. yay something went right. it was rather good but i am really lazy now coz after kneeling for rosary i felt as if my knees has been eternally welded in place...

and it's not just my blog but my bible reading which has been neglected and days not hemmed in prayer do unravel.. ask me i'd know...

everyone says life is a series of hills and troughs, mountain tops and valleys, well the troughs are the pits... and they are there to aid me in being diligent to seek after what i want, what i know is right and what the Lord wants me to do even if it is proving a mite difficult... but how do i do that when i'm not even so sure what it is i am supposed to be fight towards...

14 January 2009

exam stress

so I had my first exam of five today.... it went so so. i just hope i passed coz i so do not want to repeat this module... who ever coined distance education anyway? some of us are so not suited to it... we need lectures (to bunk) and lecturers to swot off of! so this first paper was software project management and on Friday i have human computer interaction... so i'm off to cram a years worth of studying into less than two days... wish me luck!

and i lost my phone... or it got nabbed from my bag i am unsure as to what happened exactly... the most flabbergasting thing about it though is that nya got mugged about the same time and her phone and some money was taken... what is the probability of that happening anywhere in the world we where practically on the same street and 5 minutes from meeting each other and what do u know we no longer had our phones when we met... that's random thing for you and just a reminder for me to be more careful in jozi... i remember my response to nya's tale... they told her to give them her phone and money else they'd shoot her... in broad daylight in the middle of a busy street with policemen across the road on the other side!... which she did and they were kind enough to give her her SIM card back as well as some bus fare... now i am a "confronter" when adrenalin comes i am a 'fighter' and not a 'flighter' so i would have so screamed and made a fuss and been so angry and probably challenged them or done something equally stupid... not what they teach is self defense i know but hey that's my physiology... when the adrenalin hits i can't stop myself from being aggro back!!!

enough procrastinating now it's time to study!!!!!!

9 January 2009


so i have been going to lunchtime mass this week and i cant believe what i have been missing. it's been grand and the church i go to has slightly different responses to the order of the mass that everyone says, for instance the response to "The Lord be with you" is "And with your Spirit" not "And with you"... which i find beautifully old fashioned.. been loving it and i went to confession and the cleansing felt is cathartic! well i've got to go; i have promised to try and procrastinate less like i am wont to do by blogging esp when i have work to be done LOL :D

6 January 2009

simple woman jan 06

new entry in my simple woman day book :D visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?... check it out...

FOR TODAY 06 Jan 2009...

Outside my window... am at my workstation at the Uni and no windows... loads of applicants downstairs though trying to find out if they'll be going here this year

I am thinking... going to mass this afternoon, i may have found a church walking distance from here :D the joys of the net!

I am thankful for... the internet and maps!

From the kitchen... healthy food, i have to get healthy again, i'm beginning to see a tummy bulge aaarrrgghhh!

I am wearing... one of my fav gypsy skirt and del's green top

I am creating... notes... i have exams next week for which i am still ill prepared

I am going... nowhere

I am reading... hopefully my textbooks... snuck in a couple of novels in between but i really have to buckle down on those prescribed books...

I am hoping...still the same as last week -- that i manage to finish studying and am prepared for my exams, that i have good quiet times and that i listen to God will for me better this coming year and am still hoping ...that my permit comes out - no change there from last week... or the week before that.... or the week before that..... or the week before that.... or the week before that.... or the week before that - ad infinitum

I am hearing... air con- been listening to Chris Tomlin

Around the house... nix

One of my favourite things... pen and paper.. i love writing

A few plans for the rest of the week... studying and going to midday mass

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

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