31 December 2008

simple woman dec 31st

new entry in my simple woman day book :D visit and get the template from Peggy at Simple woman Interested?... check it out...

i was too lazy to do this last week and this Monday as well so it's actually Wednesday but no biggie...

FOR TODAY 31 Dec 2008...

Outside my window... am at my workstation at the office... 'tis glorious outside, bright sunshiny day

I am thinking... of the past year, and sins and backsliding and how to get reconciled with God and of my exams and of studying

I am thankful for... little things, and God, that He loves me so

From the kitchen... am alone so cooking is no fun, yet it is coz i experiment

I am wearing... a blue summer dress that i think may be getting too short- i'm still gaining weight... sigh

I am creating... notes... i have exams next after next week for which i ma ill prepared

I am going... nowhere

I am reading... hopefully my textbooks... have put novels on hold

I am hoping... that i manage to finish studying and am prepared for my exams, that i have good quiet times and that i listen to God will for me better this coming year and am still hoping ...that my permit comes out - no change there from last week... or the week before that.... or the week before that..... or the week before that.... or the week before that.... or the week before that - ad infinitum

I am hearing... air con- been listening to Chris Tomlin a lot though and the Screwtape letters on audio

Around the house... nix

One of my favourite things... blogs and forums... where would i be without real knowledge and pseudo knowledge? honest though i love it that i can get help and find information quicker than i would without them :D

A few plans for the rest of the week... getting through today... one day at a time Sweet Jesus, that's all i'm asking of you....

Here is picture thought I am sharing... still despair ... lets just say things are dark.. and i am here is an inspiration

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