4 December 2008

early to bed, ealry to rise....

...makes a woman healthy, wealthy and wise. I wonder when I'll learn that...? when i sleep late i wake up late and grouchy the days does not go well and i don't' 'have' time to read my bible or say my prayers coz i am harried and the day just goes down the drain... I know this! but guess what time i went to sleep the other day? 3:30 am... when i need to be at work by 8:30 and it takes 1hour at least for me to get there.... whoever said human beings are creatures of habit had it spot on... because all i wanted to do was finish my novel and the rest would take care of itself... now if i had the same attitude towards my quiet time I could probably move mountains coz when i am in tune with the Lord I am in tune with me and what i need to get done, i am literally superwoman.

There have been a couple of good breakthroughs though, I decided for advent to say the Joyous mysteries and I've actually been doing it twice a day and loving it as well as the Divine Mercy chaplet. i was busy googling devotions i came across it and tough i hadn't done it in a while when it was actually one of my favourites so depending on how i'm feeling rosary first then DM chaplet or vice versa and because the Angelus is so centered around the birth of Jesus I'm doing it too... i tend to miss at least one of the times either midday or 6pm but 'tis early days yet, i';ll have it down pat by next week, easy peasy... now to sort out my sleep patterns.....

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