1 December 2008


One of my favourite times of the year is here! Advent began yesterday and at church the first candle of advent was lit. I love advent because of what is symbolizes, the coming out of darkness. The word Advent is from the Latin 'adventus' for "coming" and is associated with the four weeks of preparation for Christmas, for the coming of Jesus, as a baby and for His second coming. I love the feelings of anticipation and penitence that pervades the atmosphere. With the lighting of the candles we are coming out of the darkness and we come to God asking Him to forgive us that we may be ready and not found wanting when His son comes. It's major family time too which i love to bits, and trying to parallel ones family to the holy family is always an interesting exercise. I'm kinda sad though in that this is the first year in a very long time that i wont' be orgainsing the nativity play, last year was a blast... I've stopped acting in them thank the Lord... who knows maybe this year it will mean that midnight mass won't be frantic for me :D

But most of all I love to 'basteln'... that's the German word for 'doing craft' because I just love creating advent wreaths, advent calendars and baking and making sweets and seeing kiddies excitement... This weekend was a bit hectic to do what i intended but i finish my nieces advent calendar later today. I had intend to make Honeycomb toffee like that inside Cardbury's Crunchy bars but had no bicarb of soda so will make that today... cant wait till I get home! and i have this Girl Guide advent calendar that i have never used coz i like it too much... but i did make copies for my Guides last year mmm maybe i should make more copies of it this year anyway and send it to them... it will be late but not by too much... yep i do miss the girls a whole bunch. So advent has begun and i can make as may plaetzchen and sweets as i like and my family will shake their heads at their outlandish black sheep again, all the while happy I am there to create little things they'd never see or taste without me in their lives :D i do love advent

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