19 November 2008

God is real...

the sky was blue yesterday eve and the day before that too... real blue coz even though the sky was practically overcast the blue seeped through otherworldly like and the tiny patches without cloud were so ... blue and facing the west there were splashes of burnished bronze, bubblegum pink, ... the colour of sunset... it was so blue i tried to quantify it, periwinkle, forget-me-not, cornflower, cobalt blue, iridescent teal... anything other than sky blue... that was just too bland for the colour the sky was... have landed on azure today... and Refiloe had given me a lift home and we ended up talking about how pretty it all was, soothing peaceful and how i want home in the country or on a big enough estate to be in touch with nature and the African sky and the African blue sky... and to be close to that awe filling God-is-real-in-the-beauty-of-nature feeling.. and it made me think of India Aries 'God is Real' song, coz fo' sho' all of this is not by chance... and me being me went 'nd put it on my play-list and it's been on a constant playback loop since! Just that sky made me feel better coz it's God who's been making sure I dont' despair whilst i wait for my permit to come out... Lord that be another prayer :D

been reading from this blog conversion diary and it's profound! hope my blog becomes that eloquent one day... we'll keep praying why don't we :D


  1. i like your blog......

  2. deusdat5:39 pm

    If nature was ugly, this would mean God does not exist ?

  3. goooooood girl: Thanks, i like it too :D

    deusdat: No, it would not because i have found that beauty changes depending on culture and what one has been brought up to believe, in my part of the world big chubby women are considered the epitome of pulchritude and to some a warty toad is unbelievably cute... i think nature is just that nature in all it's glory dry tundra to vast Savannah and soggy marshes to lush rain-forests... all a little glimpse of the complexity and yes the beauty that is God


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