31 October 2008

bringing more closer to the kingdom? Is Jesus God?

YAY!... so here I am at work and in typical me fashion start a religion argument, topic: Jesus is God; and of course I am for... bringing them more into the light is fab! and feels good down to my toes... even the damper on my permit situation cannot take away the joy... I have actually managed to convince someone and to bring another to more contemplative thought. I was adamant Jesus was indeed aGod in every sende and being stubborn paid of today... kudo's all around

here be some helpful links if u wondering too... if Jesus is God that is :D
more scholarly

and here too

and here too

26 October 2008

welcome back blog!

BACK to blogging! i think... 'tis been a while ha :D but i've begun keeping a journal to help me with spiritual matters and all and I thought hey u have a blog rotting on some cyberspace compost heap... how abt giving it anew lease on life so here it is... and i have stuff i'd typed about ages ago and some drafts to publish so... here we go again!

23 October 2008

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