6 January 2006

new year

So the way i figure it one can take the whole month of January to sort out their new year resolutions but here goes for now

new year resolution 1: lose weight... ten kilo to be exact, and before then end of Feb... esp if i get the cabin crew job, i have to be within my BMI, which i was about 9 months ago... when i ha da practically vegetarian diet ... now that i live with “meatarians” i gained 12 kilo and i have to lose it fast... and theres is this diet which has on it day 3 liquid diet... now what is that supposed to mean? am i to liquefy stuff then eat it or am i to eat stuff that is already liquid without the joys of added sugar and carbon dioxide which leaves me with water, fruit juice, milk and... ummm that's it... unless if i add milk products which leaves me with low fat joghurt making a grand total of four things to consume on day 3.. the things we do to ourselves ...

nyr 2: pray more... i had gotten to the point were i prayed morning noon and evening and i have somehow slacked again... and i promised myself to go to confession often... last time was in august... i need a support group... that's why i am looking into OD, maybe they are for me, maybe not, we'll see

nyr 3: make a concious effort to contact all my friends ... don't i do that already? yeah so continue maybe and not lose touch as i kinda did this yeah... my phone bill says otherwise... sigh

nyr 4: distance learning... yep i have to do my masters whether i am working or not... actually i have to be working no two ways about that

nyr 5: get a job... would love to cabin crew at the mo, but if that does not work out i have to actively job hunt... and who knows i might actually get a great job where i do not have to lose weight...

nyr 6: publish my books... well i have to rewrite the manuscripts first don't i... considering that i lost both of them... or maybe just forget those two and continue with nr 3 and get that one published... decisions, decisions...


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