6 January 2006

first post.... or is it

i know i have done this before and i have lost all passwords for previous blogs... etc, so here a new first blog.. hopefully the last of the firsts... just decided my voice needs to be represented on the net again so here goes... i am at the moment waiting for emirates to get hold of me.. applied to be cabin crew and the wait is killing me... and i am researching opus dei coz it sond like a great vocation for me... sense a little conflict there.. opus dei very catholic; emirates very islamic... oh well we'll see how it turns out....and it is way too late for me to up anyway... better go to bed before my guest father freaks out that i am still online... guest father? yep me be au-pair, me after kids look... don't u just luv the new service society we live in... waxless...

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